Is what you wear a reflection of who you are? 

They say that what you wear is a reflection of your personality/who you are. I think I’ve been repressing my self. 🙂

My wardrobe has A LOT of blacks, whites, greys and navy. In terms of  style, I usually dress very minimalist/classic.

That said, I think deep down I’m more of a ‘girly girl’ and the romantic, feminine style appeals more. Pinks, dresses, flower patterns, flowy fabrics, pearls..

I decided to wear this outfit today- the only flower sundress that I own…

This is actually pretty significant… Because I think for the first time in a long time, I’m wearing something that feels like it’s truly me!!

I think I have had this dress for 4 years.. But have only worn it once! Thank goodness I didn’t give it away ever since I went on the minimalist band wagon… I still like the simplicity of the minimalist style and the philosophy behind minimalist lifestyle still appeals and resonates.. However, when I was wearing this outfit, I actually felt alive and really happy! It was so weird!! Almost like a relief or the feeling of being free!

So. I’ve resolved to wear whatever is true of me. Not for fashion’s sake, or anyone else. Even though it’s just “clothes” I’ve always found it difficult to make decisions, choices.. It takes me ages! Definitely looking forward to discovering myself again.. and growing in confidence in the choices I make.